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Unleash You!

Find Clarity of purpose, Connectedness. Increase Focus, Boost Productivity and Create the life and business you always dreamed about, without compromise.


Do What You Love.
Automate The Rest.

When you’re in the zone, there is no stopping you. You’re prolific. You’re on fire. Time stands still. 

Imagine a world where you can spend all of your time in the zone because you have learned to leverage technology to eliminate virtually everything––except what you love the most. 

Imagine how good it would feel to get rid of all the cumbersome, repetitive tasks that bog you down so you can stay in the zone of creation and passion, expanding and exploring your unique genius. 

You’re serving others. You’re driving traffic to your website and converting leads like clockwork. And this allows you to focus on what really makes you tick. 

Finally, you’re free to create with purpose like never before––with greater purpose, greater power, and greater balance. 

This happens when you learn to create systems and automations that do the heavy-lifting of your day-to-day tasks, so you are free to cultivate your creative prowess.

You need an engine that propels you forward at greater speed. The engine does the work for you behind the scenes while you’re out enjoying your life, focusing on what you’re passionate about, and even while you sleep. 

You get to focus on your zone of genius, the thing that makes you feel alive and excited to wake up in the morning. Technology takes care of the rest. 

Your 8 Week Mindful Marketing Masterclass... How It Works


Why. Purpose. Self.


Identity. Outcomes. Dream Profit Goals.


Start with the end in mind. Rituals, Habits & Routines.


Prison to Paradise. Value Ladder. Word Bank.


Funnels. Captivating Offers.


Origin Story. Mindful Messaging. Rome.


Pillar Content. Eco-System.


Content Creation Masterclass.

Mindful Creators Love This!

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I am busy, my time is valuable, and how I use my time matters.

This is the best return on investment of my time -BY-FAR- for my business and my own self-care.
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Being part of a group of like-minded business owners creates the soil of growth, you can't afford to wait, your business and personal growth are at stake.
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Colin is the man.  He is a marketing coach but also helps with guiding his clients down the right path to happiness.  Colin is truly an inspirational and solid guy.

Meet Your Guide

Marketing and Online Business Coach, Lifelong Learner, Meta-Physical Explorer
Colin Scotland

Hi, I'm Colin

I am very selfish... I live to serve others from a place of love and compassion to fulfill my potential.

You see, through attuning to your real purpose and serving others in meaningful ways, you help yourself.

We are all connected. We are all children of the great Creator, God, divine intelligence, all in all, the universe, nature (however you choose to describe it).

'What you sow, so shall you reap.'

A life of service, living to transform and teach others from your experiences is the way to create fulfillment and richness beyond measure.

I gift you your time... Time to get and stay in your zone of genius. You do more of what you love. Automate and systematize the rest.

Helping you to fulfill your true potential is my mission and wish for you.

Create Every Day.
Change Lives Doing What You Love.
Coherence. Purpose. Mindfulness. 

The Perfect Combination of Training, Support & Accountability

Unlimited Creativity!

Learn as you go. Create like never before. Get stuff done!

Attend as many live sessions as your schedule allows.
Be held accountable and keep on track.

Monday Kickstart

Kickstart your week.
Set intentions and goals for the week ahead. 
Virtual co-work sprint.

Super-Learning Wednesday

Virtual coaching.
Training day.

Finish Strong Friday

Check-in and reflection.
Open Q&A session.
Virtual co-work sprint.

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I hear, and I forget. I see and I remember. I do, and I understand.


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