Care for Your Future Self

By Colin Scotland
Colin Scotland

I remember watching an episode of the Simpsons where Homer is facing a critical issue. He cracks open a can of Duff beer and gets drunk instead of dealing with the issue; he kicks back and says:

“That's a problem for future Homer! Man, I don't envy that guy!”

Pushing through bad habits and stale thinking is a long-slow process. It is often like spinning round and round in the same thought processes, over and over having the same thoughts and they just keep repeating themselves.

Nothing really changes. There is a slow evolution of change that takes place over time, but mostly things remain static.

Creating new, more productive habits takes time, focus and perseverance.

Like a child, our brains constantly go out of focus as we become distracted, over and over with the same thoughts.

Think of that line from a song that plays over and over all day. Our brains can often be like a broken record.

Changes come slowly and only with perseverance.

Without constantly battling against the repeating patterns, nothing changes. And even when battling, still, little changes. Change is imperceptible, yet when we turn around and look backwards, we notice changes that have occurred.

This is where doing creative things can help. Draw, write, paint, make music. The creative act takes you out of the mental rut and away from repeating thoughts. Creativity allows you to switch off the broken record.

Images and music resonate and make us think differently. They take us out of ourselves. It feels good.

Meditation, music, journalling, creating, all have one thing in common; they connect us to the unifying field. Finding and intentionally connecting is how we find our peace and place in life.

Some call this peace enlightenment, others call it religion, spirituality. It is when your higher self recognizes and connects with the unifying field.

Connect with the force that connects every atom in the universe. Connect with God.

Whether we call this invisible force spirit, or the Divine, or God, or Creator, or infinite source, or no thing is irrelevant. These are merely inaccurate perspectives of a greater intelligence.

The intelligence woven into the fabric of being in all things.

The force that binds, that coordinates beautifully, the flowers of the field and the seasons on all the planets.

Connect intentionally with the unifying force in a way that works for you. Try not to get bogged down with labels, but try. This is what God wishes for you. That you recognize, that you notice the infinite intelligence that creates all things, that exists in all things, that loves all things.

When you intentionally seek change through meditation, journalling, exercise, or creative endeavor, changes are tiny, almost imperceptible shifts that over time make a difference.

Take dieting as an example. Minor changes in our choices today and every day have a long-term effect on our bodies.

l may change my eating habit today and choose not to eat that snicker's bar, but the positive change of losing weight and being healthier doesn't come until a while later.

Results come at a later date from the choices we make right now.

That's a difficult one to grasp, since we often decide to have short-term or now gains. I feel good now, l want to have pleasant feelings right now in this moment, forget tomorrow l don't even care.

This living for today attitude can prevent us making ourselves better people tomorrow. Having that snicker today is stopping you from being a better you not just tomorrow, but now.

The maxim you only live once should make us take better care of ourselves for tomorrow instead of wildly abandoning and giving in to the things that please us to hell with our future selves.

Don’t be like Homer. Mindfully enjoy every moment, connect intentionally to the unifying field and be respectful of yourself and your body. Love yourself enough to do this.

Honor yourself. Treat yourself with the respect you deserve.

Your future self will thank you for it.

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