Choose Love, Not Fear

By Colin Scotland
Colin Scotland

Been for a run and had longer in meditation. Trying to get to grips with what is holding me back and stopping me from getting back into the video creation Zone I was in before my holiday.

I am stuck and unable to create. Paralysed by my mind-created fear of success and failure. What will failure mean? What will lack of success mean? Neither hold any power and are merely creations of the mind, yet they keep you paralysed and frozen in inactivity.

Fear is a fiction of the mind. The mind is ailing because of a lack of love.

Shine, therefore, the light of love into your life and fear will vanish. The illusion you have created in your mind, this serves you no purpose except to keep you from God's love.

Don't let go, don’t overcome, don't be fearless, therefore.

Just as darkness is the absence of light, fear is the absence of love. Our mind creates fear in the absence of love.

Choose love. Lean away from fear and toward love.

Accept love into your life and fear will vanish, since it doesn't exist.

Turn a light on in a dark place and where does the darkness go? It vanishes.

Fear is the same.

Light and dark and love and fear have the same relationship.

As Helen Schuman says, "choose to master love and fear vanishes."

This is the true meaning of a positive mind.

A positive mind is one that chooses love, even in the face of adversity.

When you create from a place of love, you begin to co-create with the great Creator, with the universe. With God.

Creation in its purest form is the act of love unfolding throughout the universe.

Match your energy with the frequency of love, abolish fear, and change the world.

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