Connectedness and Creativity

By Colin Scotland
Colin Scotland

Connectedness and grounding are the keys to unlocking limitless creativity.

From here we can create exponentially more than with our striving alone.

For when we strive alone, we are a droplet of water trying to make its way back up a waterfall. When we co-create with divine intelligence, we form part of the boundless flow of energy throughout the universe. We become channels for that energy.

Here, we are the waterfall; we become unstoppable, a force of nature, literally. Jesus said, "it is not l, but my Father in me who does these things", so too it is not you, but the Creator in and through you who does great things.

Your mission, therefore, is to connect with the source, with the waterfall, with God. For from this place flows all of life, all of creation, love, and joy in abundance.

The simplicity of connecting in this way takes away all burden and stress. Jesus said, "my yolk is light." For we entrust fully and surrender fully to the great creator, the architect of all things.

In connectedness, we fall into step with the magnificent dance of creation; it carries us along around and around in sweet ecstasy.

This is enlightenment.

Conducting ourselves in harmony with the will of God.

God wishes each of us to experience this rapture, this day, right now and every day we inhabit our earthly bodies.

Drop everything and spend time journalling and in meditation.

Focus on breathing and inhabiting your body fully. This practice will feel meaningless at times, but don't give up.

As you strengthen your connection with your higher self through daily practice of meditation and journalling, you open the doorway to life, love and abundance.

Do it, especially on the days when you don't feel like it. For on dark days your light is drawing energy from the stars and that brilliant light is building inside of you.

When you take time to connect with your higher self it is electric, sparks fly.

Every time you connect, you send ripples through the spiritual dimension of invisible energy. This place is where all matter is created and controlled. Spirit is the force behind all of this, and the architect and conductor of the dance.

When we connect, therefore, with spirit, the flow is merely the movement with what is already there. Like the willow tree that moves and yields to the wind. Yield and surrender to the dance of spiritual energy that surrounds you.

Everything else is burdensome and struggle. Everything else is futility itself.

Can you see that without connectedness you are like a stone, cold and hard and still and lifeless.

When you connect with the spirit and flow with effortless ease, you light up with a light brighter than your own.

Here, you no longer create, you become the channel through which creativity flows.

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