Create For Others

By Colin Scotland
Colin Scotland

Ever have that butterflies feeling in your stomach? I have it most days. It feels like two dozen butterflies are fluttering away in the pit of my belly.

I try to sit with the feeling and observe it without judgement. When I do it swells and grows, the feeling intensifies.

Anxiety, fear, worry, doubt, these stem from our emotional centre, which, for me, is always the pit of my stomach, just below the belly button.

The mind can not control these feelings. They are bigger than us, bigger than our thinking minds. We attach feelings to the very core of our being. Feelings are our connection to the spiritual realm.

There is an awakening when we realize we are all connected. Every one of us. It connects us in spirit. Too often we dwell on the physical. Trying to work things out with logic and reason. This, plus this, equals that. The sums in the physical never add up, because we aren't seeing the whole equation.

Only when we appreciate and realize there is more at play, can we accept ourselves for who we truly are.

In accepting ourselves for who we are, we can then embrace the complete vision of who we are destined to become.

Until the life eternal we must strive to learn and develop, to love and share kindness and love with others.

It is difficult because we can never fully realize our potential, only seek to improve daily. Making changes, forming new habits. From one moment to the next, in perpetuity.

Connection is what life is all about.

We must strive not for ourselves, but for the welfare of those around us whom we love and cherish. Those for whom's betterment we exist.

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