Create Now, and Now, and Now...

By Colin Scotland
Colin Scotland

Being in the present moment is such a challenge. I set an intention to be here, now, and yet my mind is off worrying itself with what I said or didn't say yesterday, or anticipating something that may or may not happen tomorrow.

Past and future are where we spend most of our time. What will I eat for breakfast? I had fun last night, perhaps one glass of wine too many... The mind is incessant.

Mindfulness is the deliberate act of bringing our attention into the present moment by focusing on the breath. If we give our mind a little job to do like follow the breath, it affords us moments where we can think clearly.

When we can think we are in control of our own lives. Our actions become driven by clear intentions and not by a fear of what we said or didn't say.

In writing these words my mind has drifted multiple times to client conversations I had yesterday, to obligations and tasks I have to complete for clients next week. It never ends. I find myself repeatedly needing to bring focus and attention back into my body and to the breath.

Mantras can help with this, since a mantra will occupy the mind just enough so it ceases to chatter and allows the higher self to come to the fore.

Exercising control over the unruly mind is one of the greatest challenges we face as creators.

Creativity does not come from chatter, but from the higher self. From connectedness. This connectedness to source comes when we free ourselves from the chatter of the mind. We go outside of ourselves almost to a place where time and thoughts and fears and worries no longer exist.

This is the creative state. Moments of timeless ecstasy where time seems to either stand still or pass at the blink of an eye.

You’ve been here already. In psychology, it’s called the flow state.

If only the mind will get out of the way long enough.

Don't judge yourself for having a busy mind, it is who you are; it is who all of us are. Instead, love your spirited and willful mind, for it is glorious in its function. Love it and accept it, don't seek to change it. Allow it to be just as it is.

Mindfully connect with God (universe/divine/creator) through meditation. Dedicate time each day to do this and wonder at how different life will become.

As you practice present moment awareness, you will access creativity the likes of which you have never seen. You will do great things.

Stay with the present moment, don’t worry about moments to come, or moments that have passed. Stay anchored and grounded in now, this moment.

Now is where you can change your reality. Now is where you can change the world.

Your future, the transformation, the creativity and the change you dream about, is now!

Recognizing the importance of now triggers all kinds of defense mechanisms in the body. Adrenalin flows, we get wobbly limbs, a bubbling in our bellies and are shaken to the core of our being. The fight our body puts up makes it a push-pull battle every day that is so easy to give up on. Many do just that. We all do it to differing degrees. Life is full of trials. It is one of the universal principles of Hermetic Philosophy, that of rhythm (more on that to come).

When things are tough, it is easy to settle for comfort now and forget or let go of something we desire to appease an illusory sense of safety and comfort.

The challenge of human consciousness is to see how far it can go. How far can we manipulate matter and bend our bodies and the physical realm to our will?

Some give up the fight before it has even started. Others make reverberations that sweep across history with a creative charge felt for centuries by millions of others on their journey of consciousness.

Will you fight? Or will you settle?

What are you called to do in the short time you here to play inside this physical form that is your body?

How will you use your time?

What difference will you make in the lives of others?

How will your energy reverberate through the universe for future generations?

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