Create Success Habits

By Colin Scotland
Colin Scotland

Habits and routines are the building blocks of a solid foundation of our being.

When positive habits and routines are in place and ticking nicely, we can achieve outstanding things.

But what are they?

Habit = “An acquired mode of behavior that has become nearly or completely involuntary” (Merriam-Webster).

Routine = “Habitual or mechanical performance of an established procedure” (Merriam-Webster).

Most of who we are is programmed in our sub-conscious. We are automatons, responding to stimulus in our environment.

We seek safety and security, so we create routines and habits that keep us comfortable.

The comfort and stability we seek comes from a deep-rooted knowledge that we will die one day!

Because the uncertainty of when we will experience certain death is too hard to handle, we shrink into comfort and stability and safety.

We camp out here, we build tents, fires and settlements. In fact, entire civilizations have been built in Comfortville. Skyscrapers, public transport infrastructure, the whole nine yards!

Comfortville can quickly become a Megatropolis if we let it.

Life in all its unpredictability will throw something at us that shakes us. We experience the death of a loved one, a relationship ends, we lose our job.

These unplanned for events rock the core of what we perceive as our being and destroy our Comfortville world.

The buildings crumble. We see and question what is real.

Because, again, we know, deep down, Comfortville isn’t where we belong. Comfortville is a matrix world we have constructed around ourselves. The external event woke us up to the realization for a moment.

This moment is when we do something interesting, out of necessity to hide from the fear of death once more. We feel vulnerable, like we could be picked off at any moment and struck from the earth.

Change, unrest, uncertainty, death, they all loom large in the shadows and we seek, not to transform fully, just to recreate a new version of Comfortville.

Look at me now, with a smug smile and a sense of achievement. Look what I’ve created. Look how great I am in my wonderful world. Until the next event comes...

Take comfort, therefore, not in your ability to construct a false world around yourself.

Take comfort in knowing that even though you walk daily through the valley of the shadow of death, you will fear no evil.

You will walk anyway. You will step forward, taking step after step towards fulfillment and achieving your goals.

The rod and staff of trust and love shall comfort you. And goodness and abundance shall dwell with you all the days of your life.

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