Embrace The Natural Flow of Life

By Colin Scotland
Colin Scotland

Don’t fight against the current. The natural flow of life. Embrace it and enjoy it.

If we allow ourselves to be trapped in thought then the natural flow feels the opposite of natural.

Our thoughts conspire against us, sometimes with a whisper, sometimes with a shout.

The cunning internal voice can raise up the dragon emotion of fear.

Once triggered, the dragon breathes fire that consumes and paralyses our entire bodies. We are frozen, trapped, unable to move.

In dealing with fear and uncertainty, know that nothing is permanent.

Everything is temporary.

As the saying goes: “To everything there is a season, and a time to every purpose under the heaven” (Ecclesiastes 3).

We can’t force the tree to blossom, it blossoms in its own time.

Similarly, as we nurture, care and serve people around us, we must appreciate the ‘season’ in their lives too.

They will blossom and bare fruit when they are ready. In the meantime, we nurture, care and love them, unconditionally.

Whether young or old, sick or bursting with life. Know then in your heart that ‘there is a time and a season to everything’ for you and for those around you.

However fierce the storm is raging all around you, it will pass.

We wander through, clinging to our perception of control and order as though our lives depend on it.

We strive to make safe the natural chaos of the universe, yet it is fantasy.

We seek to appease the fear dragon.

It doesn’t matter how many times we tell ourselves something; it doesn’t make it true.

It doesn’t matter how many times that voice in your head tells you ‘you’re not good enough! You will fail, people will laugh!’.

'Who do you think you are?’, ‘Nobody wants to hear what you have to say!’.

Just because you think it, doesn’t make it true. You are not your thoughts.

Consider that what you are right now is enough. You are enough.

You are meant to do that thing which the voice in your head is turning you away from.

Fighting fear and doing the ‘thing’ anyway is embracing the natural flow of life.

Lean in to the wind.

Fight the uncomfortable feeling.

Go against the tidal wave of negative thought and do that thing you are putting off.

Fight the paralysis of the fear dragon and embrace the natural flow of life.

Take one step towards action, express your creativity in this moment. Do it now…

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