Find Your Voice Creator

By Colin Scotland
Colin Scotland

Sunday morning relaxing with my journal. Rested, body aching from only my second gym session since the COVID-19 Lockdown.

Life as we know shifted in directions no one could have ever predicted since the outbreak of the global pandemic early 2020.

I have spent my weekend so far learning more about cinematic lighting and the dramatic use of light to enhance my videos and zoom sessions. It astounds me how you can pick any area of interest (Rembrandt lighting in this instance), and a quick YouTube search reveals a rabbit hole of information, knowledge and expertise. Worlds exist around almost any and every topic imaginable.

What a wonderful and exciting opportunity this presents for us to play with new and unique blends, to put our spin, our perspective on that information, so others may benefit.

There is an old saying ‘there is nothing new under the sun’, and this is so true. Rather than be disheartened by the plethora and saturation of content already out there. Be encouraged and excited that NONE of that content comes from your voice.

Your voice has been given to you and you alone by God, so you may experience the joy of creation and share that joy with those around you. Go then, with excitement and create and share your version of the world you see and experience. This is your purpose and calling as a creator...

Connection, consciousness and spirituality are areas I love to play in and feel called by God to share more about. It is everyone’s calling to share expertise, experience, and knowledge. Each of us has a duty to do just that, and to share everything freely.

When you give your creative energy out you are co-creating with the great Creator of the universe. The Divine intelligence that causes the flowers to bloom, the seas to roar and the wind to blow.

When you hold your creativity inside or feel possessive over it, then you have work to do. You must shed the scarcity and fear that is plaguing you. Lean towards instead, abundance met plenty. For God’s house is bountiful, filled with the true riches of life.

Through your interpretation of the world, others will find peace, and the encouragement to share theirs. This is how change happens.

Change starts with you having the courage to make your voice heard.

To write, draw, sing, play, dance, speak, walk, run through your life as a creator. Sharing your experiences for the betterment of others.

Find your voice, spend time in creative endeavor every day and you are in your purpose, living it. There is no better place to be than this.

Go find your voice Creator. Awaken and create!

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