Make Creating A Daily Habit And Love Your Fear

By Colin Scotland
Colin Scotland

Aristotle said: “We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, therefore, is not an act, but a habit.”

Creating really does need to be baked in to who you are.

Your day should comprise a routine that includes creative endeavor.

Daily routines and habits sustain us in turbulent times. Maintaining course through the storm. These are the reasons resilience is critical.

We build resilience through endeavor, experience, and experimenting. We learn resilience, you can teach yourself to be more resilient.

Play with habits that work for you.

Work with techniques and strategies that will get you into that zone of genius, that state of flow, and your habits will keep you there when you least feel like it.

Making progress in these things strengthens your resolve, and your resilience to do and to be more. This way, you increase your capacity to do more good for others because you are stronger and more capable.

Now, understand this, strength and resilience in you doesn't make you any less vulnerable to procrastination, self-sabotage and doubt, no sir.

Fear and all that fear brings with it remains, you simply learn how to create anyway, with fear as an inevitable passenger.

Don't look to abolish or overcome fear.

Embrace fear for what it is, love your fear and its power over you will evaporate.

As Elizabeth Gilbert says: “Welcome fear along for the ride but under no circumstances let it take control of the wheel.”

Breathe love into your fear and watch its hold over you diminish.

Create in this way so you strengthen your ability to be and do more.

Daily creation habits and loving yourself unconditionally will increase your ability to help and serve your brothers and sisters in creation through your work.

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