Nurture The Thinking Mind

By Colin Scotland
Colin Scotland

There are many ideas and flashes of thought that fly around in our minds every minute.

I am reminded of The Wizard of Oz movie, where Dorothy is whisked around and around and up into the air by the hurricane. Ideas whirl around our heads in much the same way. We get caught up in the maelstrom of thought and emotion in a chain reaction.

How can we make sense of our thoughts when we don’t even know which way is up?

How can we process and organize? And in writing that I realize, why should we even try?

Is not the beauty of life the mix of order and of chaos? Light and dark coexist in perfect harmony. As night falls, daylight fades and gives way to darkness.

After a time the still of night melts away as light breaks over the horizon and the darkness disappears.

We need both. They exist in harmony; they are part of existence. This is the rhythm of life.

In our minds we need the chaos of thought, of ideas. But we must also learn how to harness those thoughts. Not to wrap them inside a straitjacket and stifle them, to give them room and attention, so they can develop and flourish.

To let them grow and develop without taking over. Don’t let your thoughts rule you. You rule your thoughts. Instead, give your thoughts room to breathe without becoming swept up in them.

Give your thinking mind productive work to do. Give it a nudge.

I want to get to here, how can I do that? Thinking mind — go!

Your thinking mind loves the direction. It lives to play out ideas and come up with interesting solutions for you.

The difference, you control your thoughts, rather than your thoughts controlling you.

The farmer who plants his crop and does not tend to it will not see the harvest. Like the crop in the field, ideas need to be nurtured and developed, so they can yield fruit.

We must approach our daily life as an entrepreneur the same way the farmer tends his crop.

Diligently tending to the field. Giving structure and support to allow our thinking mind to work for, rather than against us.

This applies in the relationships we build with those around us, too. Our friends, our clients, and everyone we come into contact with. Seek to serve and make meaningful connections.

Be yourself, operate with the best interest of others, with love, integrity, compassion and respect at the forefront of everything you do.

Allow the connections and relationships to thrive because you tend them. You are intentional. You are in control.

Confidently in the seat of self, free from the endless hurricane of the thinking mind.

Free to direct the flow. Free to conduct the orchestra.

Do amazing things in service of others…

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