By Colin Scotland
Colin Scotland

Exploring the concepts of energy and spirituality creates a wonderful impact that transforms our very existence.

Speaking to and listening to the hearts of others, to the soul, is something that cannot be found in 'things'. I cannot explain it with words. It is ‘felt’.

We spend our entire lives trying to find, although we cannot find by striving.

We cannot strive for it, yet we must strive for it.

Therein lies the paradox that has us in tatters for most of our physical existence.

Buddha talks of life as suffering... “The cause of all suffering is desire.”

If we seek something we have already missed it. If we need something to be any other way than it is, then we have completely missed the point.

Our desire for things to be different to how they are right now causes ALL our suffering.

It is almost indescribable, as spirituality does not exist in the physical plane, we cannot see it or touch it, it is spiritual.

And yet the spiritual plane is inextricably linked to the physical...

When we truly move in spirit, the mountain moves out of our path.

As Jesus said: “Truly, I tell you, if you have faith as small as a mustard seed, you can say to this mountain, 'Move from here to there,' and it will move. Nothing will be impossible for you.”

If this is unbelievable to you, and in your head you are saying “Nah! Not physically possible bro” you are right. It is not physically possible.

Challenge yourself to think outside of the physical bounds of your existence. To the spiritual.

Jesus was pointing to the connection with our being, our spirit as the path to effecting real and meaningful change in our physical experience.

Think about it. Dr Joe Dispenza says: “Your personality creates your personal reality.” Who you are and how you think about and view the world dictates how you act, which creates the circumstance in which you exist (your personal reality).

Connecting to Spirit/Chi/Shakti somehow gives us a deeper connection to our very existence. To our being. From this place we can effect an actual change to our identity, to our personality, to who we are and who we wish to become.

If you open yourself to it, you will see the interconnection of all things in nature, in animals and plants and trees, in everything...

We come from God, from spirit, from the divine, from the unknowable nature, the universe, or however you wish to describe it.

We inhabit physical form for a short time, and get all flustered trying to make sense of it all, and then we return whence we came...

Back to God, back to spirit.

The infinite, timeless essence of our being is who we truly are.

We will all share an eternity in 'heaven' as we reconnect with God, with spirit when our time here is done.

This concept takes many forms in humanity and nature and religions and the strivings of all of humankind.

We are all the same.

Do not attach meaning to the labels of God, of spirit, of heaven taught to you by the illusory constructs of the physical world. These words do not do justice to what I am describing.

Instead, focus on the essence of the meaning and energy behind the words.

We see but tiny parts of an incomprehensible whole. Appreciate this in all things.

Therein lies the beauty and the joy and the pain of our physical existence.

Connection to that which is both within us and surrounding us gives us a hint of what might be possible for us.

Connecting with the infinite, divine creative essence of our being, gives us peace and hope as we endure the storms of this life...

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