Start Your Creator Journey Today

By Colin Scotland
Colin Scotland

I was journaling today about how society can transform from a place of haves and have nots to a place where needs are met more widely and more freely.

My brother needs this, here it is. My sister needs that, and she has it. How wonderful it would be if we could eliminate selfishness and act in the best interest of others.

If all took this same view and perspective of truly loving thy brother as thyself, then we could instantly end the suffering in the world.

Instead, we choose self over others. We choose to horde rather than to share. And not just with material things. We do this with knowledge too.

Think about your skills. Think about your experiences, however profound or mundane you view them. You and your experiences can help and serve others. It is not enough to think or to know you should do this. You have to act. You have to share your gifts with the world. You do this through the act of creation.

Your deeds and what you create will show you to be who and what you truly are.

How exciting, therefore, that to be that who we truly are we simply have to play with being that. We have to take a step, a leap, and learn and play in the space we want to play (learning something new, teaching online, becoming a coach - fill in the blanks).

Know that you can create anything you desire simply by stepping in to that creation.

Indulge me for a moment, stand up... look down at your feet and notice where you are, then look straight ahead and take one step forward.

Now take another step.. and another...

After the third step, stop, and turn around.

Notice how you are now in a different place to where you started.

Look back from where you came and see that you have made progress.

Can you see how setting your sights on something (looking ahead) WITHOUT stepping forward wouldn’t change anything? You would still be three steps back where you started from.

But looking ahead AND taking the steps combined moved you forward.

What do you want to create? Videos, courses, books, paintings, music, love, relationships, wealth... The list could be endless. The process is the same.

Set your sights on what you desire and step forward towards that desire.

Create every day. Be the powerful creator you are. You’ve got this!

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