Start Your Creator Journey

By Colin Scotland
Colin Scotland

Capturing thoughts, ideas, musings, warts and all is key to being more productive creatively. Right brain.

Processing those thoughts takes left brain, analytical thinking. Logic, processing, editing, re-drafting. Bringing order and structure to the creative chaos.

Enjoy the messiness of creativity, the anarchy and chaos, that’s where the fun is in all of this. Keep writing, keep capturing, and one day, it will prove useful and you can help people with your thoughts, your words, your gifts.

Creating has to become part of who we are on a daily basis in whatever form it may take.

Create every day. Explore your limitless possibilities. Realize your potential. Be the person you are meant to be, unashamedly.

Practicing daily will help you form habits, these habits stimulate action, action creates momentum.

Make no excuses for who you are. And be proud of everything that you are right now.

Even before taking a single step towards the person you long to be, stop. Look around and give thanks for the person you are right now. For the steps you have taken, and the obstacles you have overcome to get to the place you are at in this moment.

Regardless of your circumstance, find perspective, optimism, seek opportunity and reasons to be cheerful.

Love who you are, embrace it, and step into the person you want to become. Be that powerful creator today. Take that step now.

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