Thank You

By Colin Scotland
Colin Scotland

Yesterday I felt empowered to continue my writing journey and share my experiences with the world. I felt a surge of energy as I finally captured some thoughts in to Ulysses (the writing app I use).

What a great feeling it is to take control over your own destiny and situation - to not be drawn in by the ego, the psyche and remain in the seat of witness consciousness. In a place where we get to see everything happening in the world and yet not get caught up in it.

This is what it means in the bible where it says you are in the world but you are not of the world. You are apart from the world. This is what it means to be illumined of the very nature of being. This is awake, this is conscious-awareness. This is what we all seek but cannot attain, except for mere glimpses.

We spend our lives searching for flashes of inspiration, of connectedness, of hope.

Consciousness manifest in a physical form experiencing itself and the physical plane filled with awe and wonder. What joy abounds at the very greatness that is bestowed on every one of us in the entire universe. The capacity for greatness. The capacity to create great things and make a difference in service of others.

Wonder and majesty of the divine, the spirit of creation. The universal source of being that spoke the physical plane into existence. Thank you for the gift of this experience and the joy of witness in this body, in these moments, exactly as they are.

Thank you!

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