When the Going Gets Tough, Keep Going...

By Colin Scotland
Colin Scotland

Staying the course can be challenging when we get derailed by life events.

No matter how much we try, some things will trigger us and send us spiraling out of control into what Napoleon Hill called 'drifting! We Amble through life in a state of unconsciousness. We react to events as though they are the cause of our suffering.

Never realizing the actual source is our reaction to the events that cause the pain.

I heard someone say the other day that life is 10% what happens to you and 90% of how you choose to react.

Because we inhabit a corporeal form, we think everything must react to and with us like they do our bodies.

If you drop something onto your hand, it will stop when it comes into contact with your body. Physical objects collide, and their paths are altered.

The invisible dimension does not work the same way.
An emotional response to thought doesn't have to collide and cause and alter the paths of both objects.

Thought and emotion are great examples. You have a thought, and it triggers an emotion. Then the emotion triggers another thought, and the cycle repeats. They bounce off one another in an endless loop.
It doesn't have to be this way. In the invisible realm, thought can pass through us without leaving any residue if we allow it without triggering an endless loop of thought and emotion.

We are so used to the known and physical way of being that we think they bang against each other much like the objects in the physical world, they don't. We can choose to observe the thoughts and emotions that come up for us instead of being swept away by them. This is the practice of meditation and mindfulness. In what Dr. Joe Dispenza calls the 'generous precious moment' and what Eckhart Tolle refers to in his book 'The Power of Now.'

Move your hand through the air in front of you and feel how it is effortless. Feel the breeze of the air as you move through it.

Air is offering little resistance to the movement of your hand. Let your response to thoughts and emotions be like air, allow thoughts to move freely, and pass through you without resistance.

Pain and suffering come when you try to blow the hand and change its course. When you allow thought and emotion to sweep you away. Thoughts and feelings are not physical. You are not physical. You and your body are connected and yet separate.

You are the person who witnesses what is going on in your mind and body. You are the person who sees this. Michael Singer calls it the 'seat of self' or place of witness consciousness. Religious people call it your soul, shakti, chi, spirit.

The work lies in strengthening our ability to remain in place of witness, the seat of self. From here, we can observe the crazy events happening out there, experience them fully, and allow them to entirely pass through without resistance or overly holding on to them.

Experience thoughts and emotions fully without letting them leave their mark.

Don't despair when it doesn't work either. It's not meant to work. The fact that you're experiencing and falling and experiencing again is what life is all about.

It is the journey, not the destination. You will never be finished with failing and falling and getting up again. Life is the ability and resilience to dust yourself off and do it again and again and again. Never stop. And when the going gets tough, keep going.

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